Pedal your way through the world’s 5 best biking cities

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Exploring the world on two wheels isn’t as difficult as it may seem, especially in cities where bikes are the primary mode of transportation. Thanks to cities like Amsterdam and Oslo, many destinations are implementing modern infrastructure and facilities to accommodate cyclists. From bike lanes to cycle highways, gear up, grab your two-wheeler and make your way over to one of these pedal-friendly places.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is often called the cycling capital of the world, and for good reason. This city boasts an extensive network of over 240 miles of dedicated bike lanes, making it one of the easiest places to navigate on two wheels. With its mostly flat landscape and mapped out routes that take you to Amsterdam’s famous landmarks, this location is a biker’s dream. 

There are many different cycling tours you can take part in, like this guided tour of central Amsterdam. Here, you’ll experience the Dutch cycling culture while exploring some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, as well as some lesser known spots. If you want a tour that takes you outside the city, check out this unique countryside bike and kayak tour, where you’ll experience nature, windmills and waterways. With only 9 participants allowed, this small-group excursion will have you fully immersed in the Dutch countryside and culture. 

sunset on the streets of Amsterdam

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

This Danish capital makes it to the top of our list due to its robust cycling culture and simple infrastructure. Copenhageners bike an estimated 800,000 miles daily with 49% of all trips to work and school happening on two wheels. You’ll find over 200 miles of designated, well-maintained bike lanes in Copenhagen, making it one of the safest biking cities in the world. 

Need to rent a bike while visiting the city? You can find a list of bike rentals and tours that provide bikes to participants here. Once you secure your wheels, make your way to the Bicycle Snake, Copenhagen’s famed cycle bridge. This curvy bridge is only open to cyclists and takes you on a journey above the harbor throughout the city. The path also connects to Bryggebroen, a pedestrian and biking bridge that is mostly used as a shortcut for students at Copenhagen University. If you want to leave your mark in Copenhagen, bring a lock with you on this journey and connect it to Bryggebroen, as this bridge has padlocks from hundreds of visitors. 

Biking in Copenhagen, Denmark near the canals

3. Boulder, Colorado, USA

Boulder is a hidden gem in the world of urban cycling, offering extensive bike lanes, breathtaking views and a friendly vibe towards bikers. Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this area has more than 300 miles of dedicated bikeways, routes and multi-use paths that go throughout the city and into the surrounding natural areas. 

Boulder’s commitment to safe cycling goes beyond infrastructure; it’s a community effort. Each year, the city participates in Colorado’s Bike To Work Day, where people are encouraged to choose cleaner transportation methods for their work commute. Participants are offered free breakfast, bike classes and a happy hour after their work day as a thank you for taking part in the movement. Interested in joining? Check here for updates and information. 

Mountain bikers at Boulder County Colorados Hall Ranch Open Space

4. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is rapidly emerging as a destination for cyclists, combining natural beauty with a community commitment to sustainable living practices. In 2017, city officials banned cars from entering an area of the city, making it strictly for pedestrians and cyclists. They also have been constantly investing in traffic calming practices for safer biking and have removed over 1,000 parking spaces to encourage people to travel more sustainably. 

While there are many guided biking tours throughout Oslo, there are also many self guided routes to explore. The River Ride, also known as the “Jungle Tour,” is a 3.7 mile ride that brings you through the forest located in the river valley of Mærradalen. If you’re looking for a more scenic route, check out The Vantage Point Ekeberg route, where you will be led to Valhall curve a.k.a the most picturesque view of the city and the location where Edvard Munch got his inspiration for “The Scream” painting. 

Bikes parked in Oslo

5. Antwerp, Belgium

Known for its rich history, architecture and cultural scene, Antwerp is increasingly gaining recognition as a biker’s dream location. The city has invested in a wide range of bike-friendly practices such as well marked bike lanes, lowering speed limits in high traffic areas and improving intersections. Antwerp has also added bicycle parking at train stations and is working to create a network of cycle highways throughout the city. 

One of the city’s standout features is its innovative bike sharing program, Velo Antwerpen, open to both tourists and locals. To use this program, all you have to do is find a bike station, enter a code in the console, pick up your bike and off you go! You can return the bike after your ride and will be charged for how long your rental was. Not sure where to go on your bike? Check out this list of road trails throughout Antwerp and the surrounding areas. 

Biking in Antwerp, Belgium

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