6 purple-inspired destinations to set your heart on

zoomed in image of lavender fields

At Faye, purple is kind of our thing. And with the color making a splash on red carpets and the big screen, we also felt it important to take the time to outline where you can adventure to add some purple into your life. From the scents of lavender in France to Prince’s hometown in Minnesota, head to these colorful spots for a full-blown purple-powered experience.

1. Lavender Fields near Sault, France 

Sault in Provence is famous for its stunning lavender fields and adorable nearby villages. Located not far from Mont Ventoux, this destination is full of English lavender fields. This specific type of plant is much more precious and grows at a higher altitude for a shorter season compared to regular lavender. During the blooming season of mid-July to mid-August, the fields turn a vivid purple, offering a breathtaking view and a scent you’ll carry with you long after you leave, making it a significant purple landmark, and one of our favorite places to visit.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable purple experience, check out this Provence Lavender Fields Tour. On this guided tour, you’ll immerse yourself in all things lavender. From the history of lavender production in the area to wandering around the farms and fields, you’ll have ample time to pose for pics. And where do all good tours end? In a gift shop of course. Here you’ll have the opportunity to shop for unique goods like artisan lavender oils and lavender honey in the nearby villages. 

field of lavender in summer. Provence, France

2. Lisbon, Portugal

While Lisbon is commonly known for its food, nightlife and iconic colorful buildings, it’s also known for its jacarandás. These beautiful trees grow violet-colored flowers in the spring and transform Lisbon’s streets into picturesque landscapes draped in purple. The jacarandás originated in Brazil, India and Africa and were brought to Portugal during colonial times. The best time to see them is around the end of May, and their bloom only lasts for three weeks to one month, so make sure you get there in time!

You can see these spectacular trees throughout the city, but one spot that gets iconically covered in purple is Parque Eduardo VII. This park offers beautiful views of the center of the city and the River Tagus. It’s also home to various sculptures, such as the monument for the 25th April Revolution. If the jacarandás make you hungry, check out Eleven, a Michelin-star restaurant located in the northern part of the park, offering delicious food and a spectacular view. 

Jacarandas tress in Lisbon in full bloom with purple flowers.

3. Pfeiffer Beach, California

If you think you have to leave the U.S. to see a beach with colorful sand, think again. Located in California’s Big Sur region, Pfeiffer Beach is famous for its purple-hued sand due to the quartz and manganese garnet deposits that run off the mountains. This beach is known as one of the most breathtaking places in the world, and while the purple sand can be seen all the time, it’s most spectacular after a storm with heavy rains, usually occurring in the winter months (December to February). 

Getting to the beach isn’t the easiest, as there are no real signs or roads that lead you to the destination. However, once you reach the beach, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to take pictures of the famous Keyhole Arch, one of the most photographed landmarks of the California beaches. This is the ideal place for those looking for a quiet and peaceful oasis covered in purple.

Pfeiffer Beach with it's purple sand in California

4. Kyoto, Japan 

Every spring, travelers come to Japan from all around the world to view the cherry blossoms, but little do they know that this season also brings wisterias. In Kyoto, the wisteria flower, which blooms in a captivating purple color, is celebrated annually. This may be the country’s second most famous flower, but it has a special characteristic that not many other flowers have: it bends. Because of this, wisteria flowers can be turned into large tunnels of purple, making for a kaleidoscopic vibe throughout parks in the city. 

Wisteria typically blooms around late April and early May, and if you’re lucky, you could be in Kyoto during cherry blossom and wisteria peak. Make your way to Ashikaga Flower Park where you’ll walk underneath the magical wisteria tunnels. It’s also home to more than 350 wisteria trees that bloom in a range of colors from purples to yellows. If you’re there at night, you’ll see the tunnels lit up and can even try wisteria-themed treats, like wisteria soft-serve ice cream. 

Lavender hanging in Kyoto, Japan

5. London, England 

Did you know that the modern-day purple was created in London? While purple has been around for ages, it used to be almost impossible to get. Purple-colored dye could only be produced by a certain type of sea snail, making it extremely expensive and rare. That all changed in 1856, thanks to a young chemist in London who invented the world’s first artificial purple dye.

You can still see lots of purple within the city and the country. For example, The London Underground, commonly referred to as the Tube, has a line known as the Elizabeth Line. This line is represented by a purple color on the Tube map, making it a significant part of London’s connection with the color. When the queen passed, many monuments in London were lit up in purple in her honor. And of course, we can’t mention Britain’s connection to purple without mentioning the iconic Beckham wedding outfits. No wonder purple is associated with royalty!

London Tower Bridge with purple lights on because of Queen Elizabeth's death

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

As the birthplace of popstar Prince, it makes sense why Minneapolis would make our list. Thanks to his hit song “Purple Rain,” Prince had a long association with the color purple and was a fan of it because of its connection to royalty (after all, his name was Prince for a reason). The city often lights up its bridges and public buildings to commemorate the late singer, especially on the anniversary of his passing. 

Prince’s love for the color purple was evident throughout his career, making it a signature aspect of his legacy in music and popular culture. And in 2017, the Pantone Color Institute announced it had added a new color to its rainbow: “Love Symbol #2” – a shade of purple in honor of the pop icon himself. 

A bridge in Minneapolis lit up in purple to commemorate Prince's death.

Purple, please

Make your favorite color the highlight of your trip, and complement your adventures with Faye Travel Insurance (‘cuz we know a thing or two about purple). 

These locations and activities are suggestions and Faye is not associated with them. This post is meant to give you ideas and inspiration on where to travel for a purple inspired vacation.

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