Love at first bite: 9 mouthwatering honeymoon experiences for foodies

Birdseye view of two people in a pool with a tray of food floating in the pool by them.

Sure, the beach is nice, and yes, a charming town is relaxing, but why not incorporate your favorite hobby into your special vacation? For those who believe the way to their heart is through their stomach, we’ve got you covered with a curated list of the most mouth-watering experiences that will make for an unforgettable, delectable honeymoon. So grab your partner (and your fork) and prepare to turn your romantic holiday into a feast of love and flavor. 

1. Michelin Star gastronomic tour in France

It’s your honeymoon, so why not make it as extravagant as possible? Get a taste of French hospitality through this 9 Michelin Stars Gastronomic Tour by Grape Escapes. This 7-day package offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in luxurious accommodations where you’ll eat at triple Michelin-starred restaurants and try some of the best food and wines France has to offer. 

You’ll begin your journey in Champagne and explore restaurants and wineries in regions like Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. This tour includes an executive chauffeur service, 5-star luxury accommodations, private tours and reservations. 

2. Culinary journey in Canada

Get the most out of your Western Canadian honeymoon with this 12-day Sip & Savour Canadian Flavours experience. During this multi-day trip, you’ll travel by Rocky Mountaineer train, seaplane and ferry to enjoy some of Western Canada’s finest cuisine. You’ll start your adventure in Victoria where you’ll experience local dishes and that friendly Canadian hospitality. 

From there, you’ll travel to destinations like Whistler, Vancouver, Lake Louise and Jasper, allowing you and your partner to take in all the regional culinary delights. Prepare yourself for trips to famous markets, like Public Market, and western-style cookouts that are only reachable by horseback or covered wagons. 

3. Paella cooking class in Barcelona

Spice up your honeymoon with this paella and bottomless wine experience in the heart of Barcelona. Under the guidance of a local chef, you’ll gain hands-on experience in crafting this locally loved food using the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques. 

Once your paella is done, take a seat and enjoy a 5-course meal complete with Spanish gazpacho, your homemade dish and of course, bottomless wine and cava. If you want to take your newly learned skills back home with you, paella kits are available for purchase. 

A pan of paella being made in a kitchen.

4. Sushi making in Tokyo

Learn how to make sushi with Nobu, a sushi master with more than 40 years of experience. During this small-group lesson, you’ll learn key sushi-making techniques, such as grating real wasabi and making it into a paste, how to cut fish properly and how to prepare different types of sushi. 

This experience includes the class, the sushi you created, dessert, traditional green tea and a certificate to show your friends and family at home that you became a certified sushi chef in Japan while on your honeymoon!

5. Walking food tour in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a food tour, history tour and boat tour wrapped into one, then this Dutch Food Waling & Canal Tour is just for you. This private experience starts with a 3-hour walking food tour through the Jordaan and Canal Belt area where you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of Dutch foods. Think of dishes like homemade apple pie, grillworst and ossenworst (types of sausages), stroopwafels, Dutch chocolates and Indonesian rijsttafel (spiced rice dishes). 

After you and your partner have filled up, you’ll be invited on a private luxury wooden salon boat with your guide, where you’ll be served a selection of Dutch cheeses and have the opportunity to grab drinks onboard.

6. Tuscan cooking lesson in Italy

Grab your apron and prepare to experience the traditional Italian lifestyle through its food and wine during this private cooking lesson in Arezzo, Italy. Within the semi-professional kitchen (or at your location, which can be scheduled in advance), you’ll learn the ins and outs of preparing all the components of an Italian meal, including appetizers, bread, pizzas, pasta, sauces, meats, fish and so much more. 

Once all the hard work is over, you’ll be invited to grab some organic Chianti wine (produced by the chef) and dig into your homemade creations. 

7. Multi-day food adventure in Mexico

Travel around Mexico like a local with this 9-day journey through some of the country’s most famous culinary regions. You’ll experience things like a tour of Oaxaca’s famous markets with a local chef, sample regional specialties in Puebla and learn how to cook fresh seafood for fish tacos in Mexico City.

In addition to food, your guide will also immerse you both in the culture and history of each destination with walking tours, visits to ancient ruins and local interactions. Group sizes range from 1-12 people with the tour beginning in Mexico City and ending in Huatulco.

8. Taste of Turkey in Istanbul

Did you know that Istanbul is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia? And if you’ve always wanted to explore two different continents in one day, then this Taste of Two Continents Food Tour was made just for you! During this 5.5-hour journey, you’ll experience the culinary delights from both sides of Istanbul. You’ll start your day with a traditional Turkish breakfast of locally sourced produce and tea at a traditional tea house on the European side. 

Once breakfast is over, you’ll hop aboard your ferry for a trip across the Bosphorus to Kadıköy, a vibrant, modern neighborhood of Istanbul on the Asian side. Here, you’ll explore the Kadıköy Market and taste local favorites like Turkish coffee and baklava. The tour ends in the district of Moda, known for the best Turkish dondurma (Turkish ice cream) in Istanbul.

9. Balinese cooking class in Bali

Learn how to cook traditional Balinese dishes with your partner during this Balinese Cooking Class & Market Tour in Seminyak. Before the cooking begins, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a local market and get a feel for the culinary culture in the area. Then, you’ll be invited for some morning tea and learn about the 12 dishes you’re going to help prepare. 

From cooking chicken satay to making traditional spice paste for seafood, you’ll be a pro at all things Balinese at the end of this experience. Once the cooking is finished, take a seat at the table and enjoy the freshly made dishes you just prepared. 

Eat, drink and be married

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