What your nail polish color says about you as a traveler

girls hand with purple nail polish and silver rings

Ever wondered if your nail polish choice could be telling you something about your traveler personality? Whether you opt for bright and bold hues or relaxed and neutral tones, every color has a hidden travel meaning behind it. Grab your passports and favorite polish because we’re about to decode the meaning of your manicure. 

Radiant red

Red is always a bold choice but also very glamorous. Red nails are an indicator of a passionate traveler. Your love for adventure and excitement runs deep and you thrive in vibrant atmospheres. Red also symbolizes love and romance meaning you can’t travel to any dull, been-there-done-that location. Head to destinations like Spain, Italy or Argentina where passion oozes from the culture, cuisine and people. If flamenco dancing in Seville or savoring a glass of red wine in Argentina sets your heart racing, then red is definitely your color. 

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Beachy blue 

Any shade of blue on your nails means you’re not just a traveler; you’re a free-spirit who’s a mermaid at heart. You seek serenity and calmness wherever you go. No matter if it’s an ocean, lake, river or pool, you feel your best when you’re near the clearest water you can find. Consider destinations like the Maldives, Fiji or Santorini, where you can stay on the water or close to the beach allowing tranquility and relaxation to be only a splash away. Try scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole in Belize or if you’re more of a land person, take a trip to Chefchaouen, aka Morocco’s Blue City, to embrace all things blue. 

Maldives resort from above

Pretty in pink

Pink polish shows that you’re an explorer with a taste for all things cute and charming. You seek visually enchanting destinations and have a knack for finding the most Instagram-worthy spots. Travel to locations like Japan or France where the landscapes and architecture are incredibly photogenic. If you’re really a lover of all things pink, book a flight to Jaipur, India also known as “The Pink City.” Your nails will fit right into this location known for its trademark building color and picturesque atmosphere. 

Pink City Jaipur, India

Garden green

If your go-to color is green, that symbolizes that you’re a lover of nature and exploration. National parks, rainforests and eco-friendly destinations are your idea of paradise. You love lacing up your hiking boots and seeking out destinations with lush forests, mountains and hiking opportunities. Think Costa Rica, New Zealand or Venezuela – destinations where pristine landscapes and eco-adventures await. 

Rainforest with a Tucan

Posh purple

Purple nails indicate your desire for luxury, culture and the finer things in life. This color is often associated with creativity and culture, meaning you’re drawn to destinations that offer rich artistic and historical experiences. Consider countries like Austria, Italy or the United Arab Emirates housing cities like Vienna, Florence and Dubai which offer countless luxury accommodations and fine dining experiences as well as museums, galleries and high-end shopping options. Take your purple nails to Mall of the Emirates, one of the biggest malls in Dubai hosting more than 560 shops and an indoor ski slope.  

Florence, Italy

Yellow yonder

Yellow polish reflects your need for sun and warmth. You’re naturally drawn to destinations that offer sunshine all the time. You seek adventures in tropical places where sandy beaches, water sports and beachfront relaxation are in abundance. Book your next flight to somewhere like Bali, the Caribbean or Australia where our winter is their summer. If you opt for Australia, check out the Northern Beaches of Sydney to explore the less crowded, more local vibe of the city. More fun in the sun means you should also always carry a hat and some sunscreen to protect yourself while enjoying everything a sunny day has to offer without the burn. 

Australian coast with rocks

Natural neutrals

If you prefer neutral tones on your nails, you’re adaptable, open-minded and appreciate diverse experiences. You can seamlessly blend into various environments and you’re comfortable in both urban and natural settings. You love to explore hidden gems, remote villages and off-the-beaten-path locations. Because of your deep appreciation for local cultures and traditions, opt for locations like Morocco, Vietnam or India. To experience untouched, local culture, make your way to Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO world heritage site located in Vietnam. Originally established as a trading port that thrived in the 16th and 17th centuries, this town is now one of the most well-preserved spots in the country. 

Morocco raid with mountains in the background

The classics

No matter if it’s black or white, you’re all about contrasts and minimalism. You appreciate timelessness and have a fascination with history. You’re naturally drawn to destinations that offer both old and new, tradition and modernity. Your travels often lead you to historical sites, museums and ancient ruins. Think of locations like the Czech Republic, Turkey or Greece –  countries that house cities where history and contemporary culture coexist seamlessly. If Greece is your choice, make your way to Athens where ancient and modern are seen everywhere you go. 

Czech Republic water and city view

Manicured jet setting

No matter if your nails are garden green or posh purple, Faye is here to ensure that your next vacation is as colorful and worry-free as your next manicure. 

These activities and websites are suggestions and Faye is in no way associated with them. This post is meant to give you ideas and inspiration on where to travel based on your nail polish color. 

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