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The travel landscape is evolving with a clear focus on wellness and rejuvenation. Across generations, the primary motivation for travel has shifted to focus on the desire to rest and recharge. Why? Because we are increasingly seeking travel experiences that offer more than just sightseeing – we want opportunities for deep relaxation and mental wellness. 

Sleep tourism, a niche yet rapidly growing part of wellness tourism, caters precisely to this demand. It emphasizes the importance of restful sleep and serene environments, offering unique destinations where tranquility and rejuvenation are the main attractions. Here are destinations that promise to soothe the mind, body and soul – perfectly aligning with the quest for rest and recharging.

Nap cafes & rest spaces

Siesta & Go | Madrid, Spain 

Siesta & Go breathes new life into the age-old Spanish tradition of the siesta. This innovative nap cafe offers both private rooms and shared spaces, creating a flexible environment for a little lay down and work. It’s the ideal spot for locals and tourists alike to recharge with a power nap, complete with additional amenities that cater to a modern, busy lifestyle.

Nescafé Harajuku | Tokyo, Japan 

This one-of-a-kind sleep cafe marries the world of coffee with the comfort of napping. Nescafé Harajuku allows visitors to enjoy a peaceful nap in a cozy setting and then reawaken their senses with a complimentary cup of Nescafé coffee. It’s the complete retreat for those looking to blend relaxation with a caffeine boost in the heart of Tokyo.

Nolsoop Book & Cartoon Cafe | Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, the Nolsoop Book & Cartoon Cafe is a haven for book lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape from sightseeing in the city. This is not just any cafe and bookstore as it offers comfortable napping spaces nestled into the many bookcases, providing a tranquil space for rest and literary indulgence.

The Rest Room | New York City, USA

Need a place to take a nap before a long flight or during a long layover? Head to The Rest Room (yeah we love the name too). This space offers a peaceful environment for visitors to unwind with different nap rooms to choose from like business and first-class options with shower add-ons available, catering to the growing demand for restful experiences in the bustling city. This Rest Room operates by reservation only and is open daily except on major holidays. 

Luxury sleep hotels

Hästens Sleep Spa Hotel | Coimbra, Portugal

Hästens Sleep Spa Hotel in Coimbra is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled sleep experience. The hotel’s rooms are equipped with famed Hästens beds and there is a sleep spa program designed to help you achieve deep and restorative sleep. 

Tschuggen Grand Hotel | Arosa, Switzerland 

Nestled comfortably in the Swiss Alps, this grand hotel provides a tranquil alpine retreat with its exclusive Tschuggen Bergoase spa. The unique architecture and stunning natural setting make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a new surrounding where they can press reset. 

Aman | New York City, USA

Located in Manhattan’s iconic Crown Building, Aman offers an exquisite blend of Eastern tranquility and Western modernity. This luxury hotel features spacious suites, a comprehensive wellness center with spa houses and an emphasis on privacy and serenity. It’s a perfect urban getaway for those seeking a peaceful escape in the heart of the Big Apple. 

The Springs Resort | Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs is a sanctuary for wellness seekers, featuring naturally heated thermal springs alongside the San Juan River. With its range of rejuvenating spa services, you’ll have the option to indulge in everything from specific sleep-inducing acupressure massages to magnesium muscle melts using in-house geothermal water. The whole experience is focused on calming the body and quieting the mind with the added bonus of a picturesque mountain backdrop. 

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea | Maui, Hawaii

Nestled on the scenic shores of Maui, the Four Seasons Resort offers a luxurious wellness experience with its signature sleep program. You can enjoy personalized services, lush tropical surroundings and a range of activities designed to promote restful sleep and overall well-being. 

Spas & springs to retreat & recharge

Kamalaya | Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya’s Sleep Enhancement Programs, lasting 7 or 9 days, provide a comprehensive approach to improving sleep. Set in the serene environment of Koh Samui, these programs include personalized assessments and a range of therapies, ensuring a holistic path to better sleep. 

Castle Hot Springs | Morristown, Arizona, USA 

Castle Hot Springs offers a specialized sleep retreat in a serene desert setting, surrounded by bubbling local hot springs. Their program, available twice a year, combines the therapeutic qualities of hot springs with wellness activities designed to enhance sleep quality. This specialized retreat focuses on holistic well-being by balancing natural beauty with relaxation techniques.

Lefay Resort & Spa | Lake Garda, Italy

Lefay Resort & Spa in gorgeous Lake Garda offers a sleep program that blends the best of luxury and wellness. Their five-night program is specifically designed to tackle insomnia through a blend of modern and traditional therapies, aiming to balance energy levels and promote restful sleep. 

Mountain Trek Retreat and Health Spa | British Columbia, Canada 

This retreat emphasizes a natural approach to sleep wellness. Located in the British Columbia landscape, their program includes outdoor activities, yoga and spa treatments, promoting a harmonious balance between physical activity and rest. 

Six Senses Full Sleep Program | Multiple locations

This sensational program is extra luxe. It’s available at over 20 locations worldwide and combines luxury and wellness. Tailored to individual needs, Six Senses offers 3, 5, and 7 day sleep programs that include advice from an in-house Sleep Doctor, yoga nidra, meditation, relaxing treatments, wellness therapies, nutrition advice and low intensity training. All are designed to enhance sleep quality while boosting your mood and energy levels via a comprehensive approach to sleep wellness in a 5-star resort environment. 

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