We’ve curated your new favorite Spotify summer playlists to power your adventures all season long

Siri: give me the perfect travel playlist.

If you need a new playlist to kick off your summer travels, then we’ve got you covered. Rock out to these on your next road trip, beach getaway or European adventure.  

Road trip tunes 

Whether you’re traveling domestically or touching down then hopping in an open-top Jeep to explore tiny towns, these three playlists will power an epic road trip for hours on end. Tune into a mix of old meets new (including some of the greatest songs of all time), with Road Trip songs 2022📻

Want more of a modern take? Road Trip Music Hits 2022 includes Drake and Adele’s top hits and is bound to have you dancing in your seat all drive long. 

And for the country lovers who are all about the back roads, enjoy this Country Summer Vibes playlist with your windows down while singing your heart out. 

Beach vibes

Looking for the perfect playlist to listen to all your favorites while sipping cocktails barefoot in the sand? We’ve got the mix you’re looking for with slow pop to EDM thanks to this Beach Club Summer 2022 playlist, ideal for laying out, enjoying the sun and jumping into the waves. 

If you’re seeking more beach day party vibes, listen to this European Beach Bum playlist to get in the mood – from dancing at the beach bar to reading on your sun lounger.  

Two girls dancing on the beach at sunset

European getaway on repeat

Let’s start with France. Of course, you’ll need some French beats to listen to when traveling from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe and everywhere in between. If you’re a fan of “Emily in Paris”, then this one’s for you – Greatest France Traveling Hits

For galavanting through Italy, from the canals of Venice to the hills of Tuscany, here’s some vintage vibes – a classic playlist of Italian American Classics. Perfect background music while drinking an Aperitivo.

And if you’re looking to break some plates in Greece while throwing back some Ouzo, look no further than this compilation of Greek Taverna tunes. 

Gandola sailing down the Venice canals

Listen with Faye

Here’s our Faye Spotify Travel page with access to all of the aforementioned playlists you need for summer 2022. From an all American road trip to a Parisian adventure, don’t forget to pack the right tunes and the travel insurance that will be with you every step of the way.

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