Best vacations for every type of beer lover

Beer lovers – this one’s for you.

In honor of #InternationalBeerDay, we’ve curated a list of five boozy destinations for your next “beercation”.

Soak in a beer spa in Prague

From its buzzing nightlife to its spellbinding architecture, there are already many reasons to visit Prague. Add to that list its beer-obsessed culture. And what better way to experience the world’s beer capital than literally soaking it all in?

That’s right, at the Original Beer Spa in Prague you can take a beer bath in what looks (and smells) like a keg, while sipping on unlimited refills. The vitamins and enzymes naturally present in beer’s staple ingredients are meant to do wonders for your skin, ease fatigue and stress, and detox your body. And, of course, there’s no better way to unwind than sipping on a cold beer.  

Booze cruise across Europe

Set sail on board a beer cruise that stops in destinations renowned for their love of a good brew. Journey around Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland and Belgium while enjoying drool-worthy tastings, exclusive onshore excursions, trips to famous breweries and exploring local beer halls. What better way to experience your next European getaway than with a floating never-ending tap?

Two men on the back of a boat drinking beers while the sun sets over the sea in the background

Celebrate beer like a Bavarian in Munich

This beercation list wouldn’t be complete without including the top destination on every beer-lovers bucket list: Oktoberfest. Head to where this global phenomenon originated and peruse the 16 main tents where the parties take place, with each one rocking a totally different vibe. 

Watch as the mayor taps the first keg at the Scottenhamel – the festival’s oldest tent; party like a local at the Hacker-Festzelt; or if you’re traveling with the fam, the Oide Wiesn is every kid’s paradise. With fun rides and attractions, your children will never get bored.  

3 People cheering at a beer festival

Bunk in a beer museum & wake up inside a brewery

If you’re looking for a domestic beercation with all the boozy bells and whistles, we’ve got two options for you. Head to Pennsylvania to stay in this brewhouse mountain beer-themed Airbnb for a lowkey getaway. Take in the vintage beer cans that consume nearly every inch of wall space, and admire each room’s devotion to every part of the globe that boasts extensive beer history. Pro tip: book in the winter to take in the picturesque snowy landscape.

And if you’re into hotels more than vacation rentals, take a trip to the world’s very first beer hotel crafted by Scottish brewing company BrewDog just outside Columbus, Ohio. Your stay comes complete with in-room refrigerators stocked with curated beer (there’s even a fridge in the shower), breakfast (and every meal) served with beer pairings and in-room views of the on-sight brewery.

Brew up some fun 

Let #InternationalBeerDay be the inspiration you were looking for to plan your next trip. Add one (or more) of these beer-filled vacations to the top of your wishlist – and don’t forget to purchase Faye Travel Insurance to make sure you’re protected wherever you go.

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