Traveling with kids? 7 tips for an easy landing    

For even the most seasoned traveling couples, bringing kids aboard can make things a bit more difficult. With the right planning and packing, families can keep adventuring, discovering new destinations, creating unique and enriching childhood memories, and shaping kids into open-minded, global citizens. Here are seven tips when it comes to traveling with children:

1. Get your kids to go bananas

Once you’ve picked a destination, start sharing and educating them on where in the world you’re headed. Show your children maps of where you are going and why. Explain to them about the interesting cultural differences they’re likely to experience. Tell them about what sites you’ll see and even let them pick from a set of kid-friendly attractions and museums. But most importantly, let them feel your passion for meeting new people and exploring new places. Trust us, kids that see excited parents will follow suit.

2. Invest in trip planning

For those of you looking to just wing it, here’s the bad news: unpredictability goes from oh-so-fun to oh-so stressful when you’ve got little ones in tow.

Therefore, plan your itinerary thoughtfully, with a proper mix of activities suited for both adults and kids. Check the operating hours of parks and museums, along with peak times and any perks for families that can get you past long lines.

When planning, remember to leave at least one day toward the end for a little R&R. Everyone will appreciate it.

3. Turn your backseat into a movie theater

Let’s admit it, even the most experienced parents get irked by whiny, bored kids. Traveling can be full of unexpected downtime. Traveling with kids is made much easier when taking that extra carry-on filled with their favorite games, coloring books and even an iPad with pre-downloaded movies might be the best decision you make. Just don’t forget the headphones!

4. Set expectations

Your kids are about to be taken out of their comfort zones in every which way. From long lines at airport security to different cultural norms, let them know what to expect ahead of time. Kids typically need structure and transparency, and preparing them for what’s ahead will reduce any extra anxiety.

A little girl staring at the sea over a cement wall

5. Find your “Home Away From Home”

Consider forgoing often cramped hotels for a more spacious and convenient vacation rental. Kids will be thrilled about their new “home away from home” and will have plenty of space to run around and play, while parents will have their own space to enjoy some Me time and a full kitchen to cook meals in if you’d like to cut on eating out costs.

Concerned about accidents in your home away from home? Faye’s got you covered with vacation rental damage protection

6. Get creative with meals

Restaurant experiences vary significantly from country to country and even city to city. They may not be the most accommodating for young children. From kid-friendly menus and meal preparation time to general kid-friendly atmospheres, there are numerous unforeseen factors that can turn mealtime into mess time.

If you took our advice and rented an apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen, staying in and cooking a portion of your meals also means heading out for grocery shopping together with the locals. Exhausted from a long day of sightseeing? Solutions like Uber Eats and DoorDash are now widely available for ordering in without much effort.

7. Recap your trip

You probably take endless pictures and videos of your children at any given event. Compiling the best vacation moments into a trip album or video reel lets your kids relive the highlights of travel whenever they want, share their experiences with friends (age permitting) and pumps them up for the next adventure.

Bonus tip: ensure peace of mind for the whole family wherever you go

Once you’ve found your rhythm, family travel can open up a whole new world of adventure, with everlasting positive effects on your children’s lives. And with so many moving parts and considerations, make sure to get the peace of mind you need with Faye whole-trip travel insurance so you and your family can get out there and see the world worry-free.

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