Travel advisors – say hello to our new portal built to take your business to new heights

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Faye Advisor Portal, a one-stop-shop where travel advisors and agencies can easily manage their business with Faye. Co-developed with top travel advisors, our modern, easy-to-use dashboard provides access to Faye’s suite of features and customer experience team. And it’s just one of the many innovations we will be launching in 2023 alongside our like minded-partners that put travelers first.  

What is the Faye Advisor Portal?

The Faye Advisor Portal enables advisors to view all of their activity with Faye in one simple interface. Within the portal, they can: 

  • Access a unique link to share quotes with clients 
  • Create multiple quotes for single trips 
  • Send quotes and policy documents to clients 
  • Adjust policies 
  • Keep track of sold policies and quotes 
  • See purchases made in real-time 
  • View premiums and calculate revenue earned 
  • See departures that are coming soon
  • Access FAQs and other helpful resources 

Via the portal, users can also contact the Faye support and claims teams 24/7 with questions and speciality requests. 

Screenshot of Faye's new travel advisor portal with quotes, purchases and a personal onboarding link

What do advisors have to say about it? 

In co-developing the Faye Advisor Portal with key partners, we are certain that our newest product exemplifies the type of tech that innovators like Faye should be introducing to the industry: quick, easy to use and built to streamline business operations while ensuring consumers get the information they need, quickly. 

But don’t just take our word for it. See what top, most-trusted travel advisors in our network have to say:

  • Janet Tracy, Owner of The Travel Dreamer: “This new portal makes everything even better. So easy to create and send quotes, purchase, and follow up with my clients.” 
  • Claudia Mace, Owner of CZM Travel Group: “The portal showcases that Faye provides extra care and attention to detail.”
  • Nikki Miller, Owner of Travel With Nikki: “Faye is making a clear statement that they value their partnerships with advisors.” 
  • Lisa Swill of Advisor Commodore Travel: “Faye has quickly risen to the top of the travel insurance industry and is setting the bar extremely high when it comes to support and service for clients and travel advisors alike.”

How to gain access & what’s next  

Travel advisors who are not yet part of Faye’s advisor network can sign up here to be on the advisor portal waitlist by plugging in a few simple details. 

In the coming months, we look forward to optimizing the portal with even more customization features, from company-wide and advisor-specific viewership and analysis options, to increased automation capabilities. All to help our valued partners take their businesses to new heights, with Faye.

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