Why Faye Travel Protection

Our team of avid travel enthusiasts and insurance sopranos set out to build a product that offers more than travel insurance, overdelivering in a sleepy space often synonymous with doing the opposite. Our #1 goal is to provide coverage and care with your best interests at heart, going the distance to support you at every step of your journey.

Which is why at every leg of the process, we asked ourselves the following: What if travel insurance did more than wait for something to go wrong – what if it helped things go right?

Not only does Faye’s person-first, whole-trip coverage do just that by protecting your entire trip, your stuff and your health, it’s complemented by key differentiators that legacy travel insurance providers simply lack – all of which are designed to help us get to know you and your trip so we can consider, cover and care for you around the clock.

What makes Faye different

  • A user-friendly app that does it all: Our technology enables smarter, faster, smoother assistance on anything and everything related to your travel well-being. There you’ll be able to chat with us 24/7, pay and get paid via Faye Wallet (our easy-to-use digital card that enables reimbursements ASAP), view your destination’s weather forecast, file claims digitally and purchase travel insurance for your next trip
  • Customer experience specialists available 24/7 to proactively problem-solve on your behalf: Even the most well-planned moments can go awry, which is why our team (of real humans!) is working when you shouldn’t be. If your flight is delayed, your bags are lost, you miss your connection or you’re in need of advice on where to go while in-trip, we’ll be there to help. 365 days a year – even on weekends and holidays.
  • Easy, fully digital claims processing: Our easy, digital claims process can all be done in-app where you can request to submit a claim and then will be prompted to upload a few documents relevant to your trip and claim. And because we know your time is precious and aren’t here to waste it, we’ll aim to solve your claims quickly, fairly, and accurately within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary info. 
  • Speedy reimbursements via Faye Wallet: Faye Wallet is the digital card within the Faye app that can be connected to your Google Pay and Apple Pay account(s) on your phone. In-trip if you qualify for a real-time reimbursement, we’ll immediately send funds to your Faye Wallet that you can use then and there to purchase what you need most rather than paying out of pocket – like a new outfit and toothbrush. Via Faye Wallet, you can also be quickly reimbursed for approved claims. 

Powering worry-free wanderlust

You want to see the world, and we’re here to help you do that safely, smartly and bravely. 

So plan that redo of last summer, that birthday trip you canceled, or that couple’s getaway you’ve been craving. And bring us along for the ride so you can make the most of each moment.

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