Follow along as this traveling couple takes on the world with their dog Bodhi

A couple holding their dog in front of large mountains and a lake

Couple Angela and Brad are redefining the travel game as they jetset around the world with their 1.5 year old dachshund, Bodhi. As passionate travelers and explorers, they’ve discovered that uncovering the hidden gems of the world is much better with a pup in tow. Check out how they bring Bodhi along and on their adventures and get all their passports stamped along the way.

When did you start traveling together and why?

We started traveling on short trips with Bodhi at the end of 2022, and extended to international trips beginning in 2023. Our first trip ever with Bodhi was on a flight from the Bay Area to LA. 

As a puppy, Bodhi had low self confidence, even with constant socialization between other dogs and humans. He would overreact and bark at everything day and night. Then, during a trip to Europe, we noticed other travelers brought their dogs with them. That was a light bulb moment for us – maybe traveling is what Bodhi needed. We were right! Bodhi’s exposure to new places, activities and different modes of transportation helped him build up his self confidence. He is now full of wanderlust and looks forward to new adventures.

What is the most dog friendly country or city you’ve visited? 

The most dog friendly country we visited was Italy. What made it so great was all the shops, cafes and restaurants were dog friendly (both inside and outside). The people in Italy love dogs, and you can feel that love as you walk down the street. Everywhere we went, Bodhi was treated like royalty. In Venice, a server poured fresh, cold water from a glass vase into a beautiful, stainless steel dog bowl for him. In Lake Como, he was served complimentary water and treats in a high-quality, orange bone-shaped dog bowl!

Does Bodhi have a passport?

Yes! Bodhi has two pet passports. One is a US pet passport that tracks all the different US states he’s visited. This is not a legal or required document – it’s just for fun. The other is an official EU pet passport. The EU pet passport is a legal document that allows him to travel throughout Europe for the remainder of his life!

What are Bodhi’s favorite travel activities? 

Bodhi’s favorite travel activities include:

  • Sailing and swimming in Lake Como, Italy 
  • Sniffing new smells while we riding an ATV up the coast of Santorini, Greece
  • Frolicking in the grassy countryside while visiting the Stonehenge in the UK

You can read about the activities Bodhi loves in our article about unique things to do in Europe with your dog.

What does a typical day look like for you, traveling with Bodhi?

On long travel days, it can be anything but glamorous. We lug around luggage (Bodhi has his own little suitcase) and run to catch our plane, train or taxi.

On other days, when we’re exploring our destination, we make sure to pack all the necessary items and food for our long adventure. We also make sure Bodhi has a big breakfast so he has enough energy. No matter the day, we wake up early, whether it’s to travel to our next destination or to make the most of the sunlight at the places we’re exploring.

What are your must-haves for traveling with a furry friend?

For traveling with Bodhi, we make sure to pack the following must-haves: dry treats, a packed lunch or dinner (we love Jinx’s dried whole food for when we’re on the go), our portable dog water bottle, his travel carrier and, of course, travel insurance for our dog!

Has Bodhi ever done any adventure sports with you guys?

Yes! We have kayaked, paddle-boarded, swam and rode an ATV with Bodhi. Next on our list is canoeing, sandboarding and longer hikes!

What is the biggest adjustment you’ve made and that travelers might also encounter when traveling with pets?

Since we started traveling with Bodhi, we’ve made the biggest adjustment to plan more outdoor adventures. We’ve become more active and prefer restaurants and cafes where we can take him. Fine dining is something we do less of now.

What’s the best part of bringing Bodhi along?

We love bringing Bodhi along on our travels because he helps us create new and unforgettable memories all over the world. He’s also a natural icebreaker, which has helped us meet new and friendly people and allowed us to have deeper conversations.

Let’s end with your top tip for traveling with dogs.

When you’re traveling with your dog, take them on every adventure you can. We took Bodhi every chance we got, and we’re glad we did. We met more people because of Bodhi, from fellow tourists who shared stories about their pets to friendly locals who gave us tips on the best places to explore with our dog. Traveling with your dog is a great way to experience unexpected kindness, get hidden gem recommendations and socialize your dog to new people, animals and scents.

Follow all of Bodhi’s upcoming adventures on their website, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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