5 reasons to book your next trip with a travel advisor, agent or agency

A couple enjoying a pool at a luxury resort - representing Traveling with a travel advisor

The travel industry has been booming in the last few years. With that comes pros and cons, like stunning new hotels, restaurants and experiences but also congested airports, flight delays and missing bags 

In a recent survey we ran, we found travelers prefer human help over a virtual assistant. To be exact, 23% of travelers prefer a human travel agent, 18% prefer to rely on a virtual travel assistant, 51% want both and only 8% want to plan their trips themselves. Join the majority going with a trusted travel advisor, so you can have everything from flights to dinner booked for you with some surprises along the way to make your vacation extra special.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should rely on someone else to plan your next trip:  

1. It’s a time saver

Why spend hours deciding which hotel has the best pool, when you could be lounging beside one instead? Hand over your wishlist, and your advisor will handle the rest, faster than you can say bon voyage!

If you’ve ever planned a trip, especially one that’s more than just a weekend and has multiple destinations, then you know it takes days or even weeks to book flights, accommodation, activities, restaurants, transportation and the list goes on and on. When you book travel with a travel advisor you just need to set up a call, share your must-haves, budget and trip details so they can build your dream trip for you.

2. It’s less stressful

When you find the right travel advisor, planning a trip can be less overwhelming as they will handle all those pesky details from timing your flights to suggesting fun activities for you based on your interests. No more endless searching for the perfect hotel on Booking.com, the best safari provider or looking for local restaurant recommendations and then trying to figure out how to make a reservation in a foreign language.

Want to see three cities in Europe in a week? A travel advisor can map out your itinerary, secure inter-city transportation, and even get tickets for museums, shows and restaurants on your behalf. Simply sit back and let someone else iron out all the details. 

A man and a woman talking to a woman travel advisor.

3. It can cost less (and come with VIP treatment)

You may think that working with a travel agent can cost you more and you’re not wrong – when booking luxury travel or very specific trips with less flexibility there is often a fee or extra cost, but surprisingly that’s not the norm. Many times there is no cost as they earn commission from hotels and wholesalers – like airlines, tour companies, etc. You can ask upfront if the travel agency you’re considering charges a fee to know for sure. 

There is extra value when traveling with travel advisors who often have long standing relationships with premiere vendors and can snag hotel rates, tours, rooms at ‘fully booked’ hotels and more at discounted prices thanks to their connections. Not to mention, upgraded rooms and experiences they may add to your itinerary at no extra cost to make your vacation one you’ll never forget, time and time again.

4. It’s a game changer when dealing with the unexpected

Missed connections, lost reservations and travel troubles are unfortunately a part of traveling that happens more often than we’d like. Travel advisors help lessen the blow as your around-the-clock travel champion and protector throughout your journey. They’re there for you when unexpected issues arise. Like if your flight is canceled, your advisor can quickly rebook you on the next flight so you don’t have to deal with talking to the airlines directly. Or if your hotel reservation isn’t showing up in the system, and if your tour guide doesn’t show up, they’re there to help you manage the situation.

5. It helps you travel like a local

You could spend hours reading online reviews, or you could tap into the wisdom of someone who knows the local scene like the back of their hand and has booked countless trips to your dream destination. It’s literally your travel advisor’s job to have the scoop on hidden gems and local favorites. If living like a local is your vibe or you just want to take a local cooking class, they’ll likely know the best one for you and build it into your itinerary to make your trip that much more memorable. 

Bonus: It brings out the best in every journey

Whether you’re a frequent flier or planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip, a travel advisor can make all the difference. That’s why we work with thousands who suggest that their travelers should never leave home without Faye Travel Insurance.

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