The journey behind our fresh new features & look 

Illustration of a field with a sun and purple sky

The travel landscape is constantly evolving, and so are we. Today, Faye is thrilled to announce a leap into our next chapter with an elevated visual language and even more features that ensure your trips go right.

Across our website and app, you’ll notice a harmonious blend of the core Faye brand that we launched two years ago, newly coupled with a forward-thinking approach to what the design of personable, reliable, reachable and speedy travel coverage and care should be.

Why the glow up?

We can’t just talk the talk – we need to walk the walk. And being the best means not just offering the most approachable, person-first and smart travel coverage and care Americans have ever seen, it means looking the part. 

With a focus on warmth and continuing to delight travelers with the novel feeling of “OMG, this is travel insurance?!”, we took what we adored most about our existing visual language and kicked things up a notch. Our glow up showcases a more sophisticated color palette, dreamy illustrations of common travel scenarios we can all relate to, and photos of real-life adventures (Faye travelers included!). 

You’ll also find humor woven in – because c’mon, traveling is fun.

What’s new

More importantly, we added more proactive and useful features to travelers’ #1 companion – the Faye app. Now you can quickly find and connect with a doctor when you’re not feeling your best abroad, locate the nearest pharmacies and more, as well as use our converter tool to see how much your USD is worth in Euros, Yen or whatever currency you might need on your journey. You can even rock out to playlists accessed in-app for any trip type or leg of your adventure – from packing to takeoff.

3 Faye app screens

This is in addition to what you already know and love in our app: the ability to protect your trips in as little as 60 seconds, receive real-time alerts on your itinerary, file claims in minutes and get reimbursed on approved claims and common travel hiccups quickly to your phone’s wallet. You can also view your destinations’ weather forecast so you know what to pack, and crucial emergency contact info in case things go awry.

Key design principles we’re taking on the journey 

1. Tech-first

Marrying top-notch service with top-notch tech, we aim to make every interaction with Faye as memorable as your travels. Going above and beyond means turning travel insurance from a forgettable add-on to a must-have advantage that goes where you go. 

2. Warm

We’ve introduced curved edges to our visuals, switched up the typography as well as added more earthy colors to our palette that speak to your outdoorsy adventures. With these additions that convey the vibrancy of our travelers’ authentic experiences, we’re hoping you feel we’re as approachable as we truly are.

3. Delightful

We aim to please and overdeliver on our promises. Whether it’s getting in touch with us on our app around the clock (weekends and holidays included), or releasing new features that help you travel better, interacting with Faye should be as delightful as our new look and feel. 

4. Dreamy

The Faye brand’s love of purple is here to stay. In fact, we’re weaving even more of our favorite color into our palette to bring out the whimsical nature of wanderlust that you, Faye travelers, embody daily. That, alongside color tones from nature and real-life photos of travel experiences across the globe, the Faye site or app will make you want to book that next trip even more than you already did.

Take the new and improved Faye experience for a spin

As a modern, digital challenger in a boring (yep, we said it!) and conventional industry, we’re continuing to do things differently so you feel covered and cared for every step of the way. 

On that note, we invite you to travel with Faye and experience how we over-deliver on our promises in an industry known for doing the opposite. And if you already have the Faye app, feel free to update it to explore all the fresh features we have to offer.

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