Turning travel troubles into dinner party-worthy tales: Faye Travel Insurance success stories

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In a world where adventures can take unexpected turns, travel insurance can be a surprise unsung hero. 

From lost passports and canceled flights to medical emergencies, Faye Travel Insurance is there to show the value of having a safety net when exploring the globe. Not only will Faye help with the logistics, but we will go (and have gone) above and beyond to turn your trip around when things go awry. 

Here are some real-life success stories that our travelers experienced when things didn’t go as planned on their trips, and how Faye jumped in to lend a helping hand.  

An unforgettable wedding

Love, travel, and unforeseen circumstances collided in a whirlwind adventure for Adam and Jeremy. After postponing their wedding due to the pandemic, the couple had planned an intimate elopement in Puerto Rico. However, a series of flight cancellations left them stranded in New York at what was meant to be a brief layover. 

Before landing in New York, while still in the air, they received the news that their next flight was canceled. Feeling stranded and frustrated, Jeremy quickly reached out to us through the Faye app via his flight’s WIFI.

While the airline provided little support, our customer support team came to the rescue. Under the trip inconveniences and snafus clause of their policy, Adam and Jeremy were eligible for compensation, covering a last-minute hotel stay and allowing the couple to make necessary purchases, such as sweaters and long pants for the chilly New York temperatures they most definitely hadn’t packed for. 

After spending the day in New York, they were faced with another set of obstacles. Their flight was delayed again, then canceled and the Puerto Rico hotel broke the news that the property was completely uninhabitable. Discouraged, the couple was unsure of how to move forward. 

Our team really empathized with Adam and Jeremy and in an unprecedented move, they personally contacted the couple and proposed an alternative solution: getting married in New York City with a member of our team officiating. 

Finally, exactly one week after their initial canceled flight, they exchanged their vows in Central Park. The backdrop of the city that never sleeps served as a testament to their resilience and the power of unexpected blessings.

And though we aren’t in the business of planning weddings, we felt we needed to go the extra step in this instance to make their trip memorable for the right reasons.

The couple embraced the unexpected turn of events, forgoing their plans for a Puerto Rican wedding with a magical ceremony in the Big Apple. They even called up an old friend to serve as a witness.

With their insurance benefits covering a significant portion of their canceled elopement expenses, such as accommodations, meals, transportation, and more, the couple’s dream celebration still came to life.

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A change of plans in London 

Jessica just embarked on a thrilling one-month expedition, ready to explore the beauty of England, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany. But while staying in London, she contracted COVID-19 and had to undergo a mandatory quarantine. Suddenly, her dreams of galavanting through Europe came to a standstill.

As her initial hotel fell short of expectations, the Faye team recognized the importance of a comfortable environment during a stressful time and swiftly sprang into action. Our customer support agents secured a room at Thistle Hyde Park Kensington Gardens that overlooks the park. The change in scenery soothed her spirits.

Because Jessica was stuck in quarantine, she was unable to explore the diverse flavors of Europe firsthand. Realizing what a letdown this was, our team helped fulfill her culinary adventures by sending recommendations for restaurants that deliver and specialized in dishes from the countries she had hoped to visit. With each new meal, her taste buds were transported to different corners of Europe, from the comforts of her new hotel.

At every step of Jessica’s journey, our team remained committed to ensuring her peace of mind. We understood the financial strain that unexpected expenses can impose, so as soon as she ordered her food and paid for the hotel, she sent us the receipts and was reimbursed instantly. Sometimes the money arrived in her Faye Wallet before the food even showed up at her door!

By the end of her quarantine, she didn’t have anything left to claim because our team had already reimbursed her in real time, providing a stress-free conclusion to her journey. 

A power crisis averted 

Just weeks before their trip, Linda and Windflower received disconcerting news—a national power emergency was declared in South Africa. Fearing that their long-anticipated vacation might be ruined by frequent power outages, they turned to us for reassurance.

To put their minds at ease, our customer support team took their trip itinerary and contacted every hotel, lodge, safari, restaurant, and activity they had scheduled and asked how they were tackling the crisis and if it would affect their trip. Thankfully, each location had either solar power or a backup generator, with many of the locations confirming that they had adapted to such a scenario over the years. The assurance of an uninterrupted power supply significantly reduced the couple’s worries.

Going beyond the assurance of uninterrupted power, our team recognized the couple’s additional anxieties surrounding traveling as two women to their destination. Leveraging our knowledge of the region, our team provided them with all the safety information they would need while traveling within the country – from emergency contacts to embassy locations. We even tracked their Uber rides when asked to and maintained constant contact with them to ensure they arrived at their destination safely. 

Towards the end of their trip, one last hurdle emerged: the couple was informed that their seats on a British Airways flight had been changed. Armed with the expertise of airline regulations, our customer support team filled them in on a little flight secret: British Airways was obligated to keep them together. So our team suggested reaching out to the airline directly which gave them the tools and confidence to get the seats they wanted and fly home together.

The dreaded flight cancellation – because we’ve all been there

Amy was all set for her trip when, out of the blue, she received an email about her flight – it was canceled. She quickly reached out to our 24/7 customer support team, who were ready to assist her in no time. No frustrating automated systems or long hold times — just a real person on the other end of the line, eager to help.

When it comes to trip inconveniences, filing a claim with Faye is a piece of cake. All Amy needed to do was share a screenshot of her flight cancellation email and original reservation, taking a total of two minutes. Customer support processed her claim and then immediately sent $200 to her phone’s wallet via the Faye Wallet for her travel inconvenience. 

Peace of mind 24/7 

We take pride in going that extra mile to ensure that each travel experience is nothing short of exceptional. Our customer support team is always available –  holidays and weekends included. Get a quote for your upcoming trip today.

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