WTF is National Insurance Awareness Day?!

Illustration of a monkey holding a sheet that says "WTF is National Insurance Awareness Day."

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day – a day of recognition we assume you’ve never heard of, let alone thought about. Technically, it’s a moment meant to encourage you to review your insurance policies and understand their importance. That’s fair, but we get it, that’s also boring.

Let’s be honest – National Insurance Awareness Day doesn’t come with a free donut, Slurpee, or car, nor does it include complimentary entry to your favorite museum or any other fun freebies. However, it could offer the best perk you’ve ever gotten: peace of mind.

So this post is all about that – the WTF aspects of Faye travel insurance, built to give you peace of mind no matter where you go (just ask our travelers). Faye is easy to understand and actually wants to build long-term, personal relationships with you – the explorers of the world.

1. No excessive paperwork – WTF?! Faye is 100% digital. Do it all via our app on iOS or Android – from getting your trip covered to filing claims to receiving reimbursements via Faye Wallet. You can also head there to add your flight info for real-time travel alerts, chat with our team 24/7 for any and all of your travel needs, access a network of 20K telemedicine professionals when abroad and much more. 

2. No long wait times – WTF?! Have you ever filed a claim and waited weeks, if not months, for a resolution? At Faye, we’ll aim to resolve your claim within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary info. And if you experience a travel inconvenience (like a flight delay or baggage loss), we can send you funds right then and there while you’re still in trip. No snail mail here – your reimbursements will be sent directly to your Faye Wallet, our secure digital card that can be added to Google Wallet or Apple Wallet in seconds. Tap to use rather than paying out of pocket. And if you wanna transfer this money to your bank account, go for it – we won’t stop ya.

3. No confusing packages – WTFFFFFF?! If you’ve purchased travel insurance in the past, you may be familiar with those Gold, Silver and Bronze offers, and other packages with basic names. Real question: who has time to peruse those when you’ve gotta focus your time on booking the fun stuff – like famous sites to see and the best restaurants to dine at? And who actually understands what these offers really include? We’re not interested in doing things just like everyone else – because damn, it’s confusing. So we’re offering robust, personalized, whole-trip protection that covers your trip, your health and your stuff, as well as a few add-ons that may or may not apply to your trip (like if you’re renting a car or staying in a vacation rental) – we got you covered – easy peasy lemon squeezy.

4. No hard time reaching us – W.T.F.?! It’s really not okay to have sh*t customer service, which is why our customer experience team is available 24/7 – even on weekends and holidays. Reach us via phone, email, WhatsApp or chat with us in the Faye app. And hey – we don’t just wanna talk to you when it’s an emergency. A real person is always available to offer pro travel tips, local recommendations, advice on how to manage a missed connection and even where to find a nearby bank or pharmacy. And yes, you heard us right – a real person.

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